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Leasing Process

Finding a new home, taking care of a move - we know first hand how hectic and stressful this experience can be. Luckily for you, we do this EVERYDAY and we’re ready and excited to make your home leasing process as smooth as possible!

Shop til you drop, kind of…

Check out as few or as many of our gorgeous homes and apartments. We don’t want you to drop, but if you do, we’re here to catch you! Our talented leasing team will work to find you exactly what you’re looking for. Once you find THE ONE and get those butterflies we will be there to make the next steps a breeze.

Paper and Pen Time

And when we say paper and pen, we mean internet and mouse. Our application process is streamlined electronically for your convenience. You apply online, submit the deposit to reserve the unit, sign your lease and other documents via e-signature, and pay rent through the portal. Now it’s time to get to the dotted line!

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles… Or Maybe just a Moving Truck

Finally, the day has come – time to move into your new home. We will schedule to meet you and conduct a thorough walk through inspection as well as highlighting tips and information on how to keep your home running smooth and efficiently. Setting the right expectations from the start is our goal to a successful relationship with all of our tenants. Welcome Home!


We’ve all been renters, and we know how important it is to have a responsive landlord or management company. This is exactly why we care about our residents and our properties

Our responsive staff offers the highest level of service to current and future residents. We’re always available to answer your questions and help you through the rental process. We have the answers you need. Below are a few to your most frequently asked questions.


How can I schedule an appointment to see a house?

You can schedule a showing by calling our office at 1-484-904-1111 or by emailing: leasing@howgroup.com. Be sure to let us know your price range, areas of interest, and how many bedrooms you are looking for.

How do I apply?

Please contact our leasing office at 1-484-904-1111 or email leasing@howgroup.com to begin the application process .

Is there an application fee?

The application is a prequalification process that allows us to ensure candidates qualify and there are no issues when the move in date arrives. The $50.00 Applicant fee supports the credit reports and research needed to ensure all of our tenants are suitable candidates.

HOW Group Property Management Rental Screening Criteria

HOW Group Property Management employs a wholistic screening approach that provides an individualized assessment of an applicant’s overall credit behavior, ability to pay, and any criminal history, if applicable.

Income Requirements:
Debt to income ratio will be evaluated as part of the approval process

Applicants must provide verifiable proof of claimed income in PDF form of earnings and/or bank statements downloaded directly from payroll/bank website to the RentCafé portal. Unverifiable income will not satisfy the income requirement and will be grounds for denial.

Rental Application:
Must be complete, correct, and verified

Credit Requirements:
The following credit issues are grounds for denial:
Bankruptcies that are not dismissed or discharged
Mortgage default
High debt to income ratio
Negative credit history

Objective rental risk scores will be considered but are not automatic grounds for denial. Each applicant’s credit will be individually assessed for account status and payment behavior. The percentage of positive to non-excluded negative payment behavior will be considered, as well as the age and activity status of the accounts.

Landlord-Tenant History:
Unsatisfied landlord-tenant court judgments within the last 4 years are grounds for denial.

Denied applicants have the right to appeal directly with HOW Group Property Management within 48 hours of receiving a denial; Final appeal and any related documentation must be received within 7 days of denial for HOW Group Property Management considering the appeal.

I am concerned about lead based paint in my rental unit. Where do I find out more?

Philadelphia requires HOW Properties to provide the Partners for Good Housing Pamphlet – Where can I find it?


Can I have a pet?

Pets make wonderful companions and we want to ensure their safety as well as all of our tenants. Pet requests are reviewed on an individual basis, and requires a pet addendum to be added to your lease. For the safety of both your pet and our colleagues, your pet should be in a separate room or a crate when worked needs to be performed in your unit.

Should I purchase my own policy of renters insurance?

It is highly recommended that all residents carry enough insurance to cover themselves and their personal property. Please consult with your insurance agent for specific policy coverage’s available to you.

Can I get a roommate after move in?

Depending on the number of bedrooms in the unit, we are open to adding tenants to a lease. Please contact the leasing department to begin the applicant process prior to any new roommate moving in.

Where do I send my rent and when is it due?

If you are registered online, payments can be made online through your Resident Portal. Please contact leasing@howgroup.com for more information.

Please refer to your lease for more specific information pertaining to rent payments and when/where they should be made.

Your unit’s rent payment, in its entirety, is due by the 1st of the month. There is a generally a grace period before late fees can be charged. Please see your lease for grace period and late fee terms.

Any questions can be directed to our accounting department at accounting@howgroup.com; or 484-904-0121 Option 5.

Does my lease automatically renew on a month to month basis when it is up?

For planning purposes we do not offer month to month leases. We are flexible and will work to accommodate any situation. Our lease renewals have various renewal dates, which range from 240 days to 60 days so please look make note of yours. In case you forget we will do our best to send you a reminder.

Do you put blinds on the windows?

We do not supply window coverings. You may find that the previous tenants have left window treatments for your use. If there are no treatments, it’s a great opportunity for you to put a little of your own personality into the apartment and make it a home of your own.

Do you provide a shower curtain?

Shower curtains are up to the discretion of the tenant. They can add to the look and feel of your home and it’s another opportunity to add that personal touch. We highly recommend purchasing a tension rod to use with the shower curtain.

Can I get a lock put onto my bedroom door?

It’s important to have access to repair work that may arise so that we can keep your living space up to standard. The main units have locks, however, the bedroom doors, do not.


What am I responsible for maintaining in my home?

We do our best to make sure you unit is as comfortable as possible. All units should look brand new when you move in. If you have something that is not working please let us know and we will work to fix it immediately. The only things we ask the tenants to take care of are light bulbs and lost keys.

How do I get cable and internet for the house?

We recommend Comcast. In our experience, they have the least amount of issues installing cable and internet. Since all our units have existing lines, Comcast can easily connect your unit. If the cable installer ever has any questions please contact our office and someone can assist. You may also use other service providers of your choosing. Unfortunately, we do not allow any of the dish providers.

Do I have to put the utilities in my name?

Great news! We use energy efficient systems and appliances in all of our housing, which allows for the lowest utility cost possible. Since in most cases the systems are individual to each unit, the bills need to be in your name. Please contact the electric and gas (if applicable) to have service turned on in your name. Water service accounts must remain in the name of your landlord. To make things easier we have included a standard monthly fee for water. Please refer to your lease for your water billing plan.

I have a maintenance request, what should I do?

Maintenance requests should be submitted on-line through your Resident Portal; or by phone at 484-904-1111 Ext. 410.

Submissions will be sent to our maintenance department and you will be responded to as quickly as possible. Please make sure to submit detailed information about your request and contact information for our maintenance department to respond to.

What is considered an emergency?

We understand that maintenance requests may arise, and you will need to reach out for help. We prioritize requests, enabling us to be more responsive. Our first goal is to identify those that are most critical and require immediate attention. Please see the short list of emergencies, and of course if someone does feel their situation is an emergency and it is not on this list, you can absolutely call 484-904-0121 Option 3 and we will address the issue as quickly as possible:

1) If the heat stops working and the inside temperature drops below 65 degrees.
2) If the AC stops working and the inside temperature rises above 84 degrees.
3) If the hot water heater stops working.
4) If there is a break in.
5) If there is a “major” leak.
6) If there is a main drain clog which involves water backing up into the building.

I locked myself out. What do I do?

During normal business hours you can call our maintenance department and we will do our best to try and let you in as quickly as possible. While there is a charge for this we do our best to keep it below the cost of calling a locksmith. If you can’t wait for us to arrive or it is after normal business hours please contact a locksmith. Please confirm what they will charge you ahead of time because costs can vary significantly between different companies.

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